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Abstract #1342

Simulation of Phase-Contrast MRI Intravoxel Velocity Standard Deviation (IVSD) Mapping

Sven Petersson1, Petter Dyverfeldt1, Roland Grdhagen1, Matts Karlsson1, Tino Ebbers1

1Linkping University and Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV), Linkping, Sweden

Disturbed blood flow, characterized by velocity fluctuations, accompanies many cardiovascular diseases. PC-MRI intravoxel velocity standard deviation (IVSD) mapping permits the quantification of the intensity of these velocity fluctuations; turbulence intensity. Here, a PC-MRI IVSD measurement in stenotic flow was simulated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) data obtained by large eddy simulations. The PC-MRI simulation showed overall strong similarities the CFD simulation and in-vitro measurement. The simulation of PC-MRI of fluctuating flow may facilitate controlled studies of the effects of velocity fluctuations on the PC-MRI signal and the optimization of IVSD mapping.