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Abstract #1384

Quiescent Interval Single Shot MR Angiography

Robert R. Edelman1, John Sheehan1, Eugene Dunkle1, James Carr2, Christopher Glielmi3, Xiaoming Bi3, Ioannis Koktzoglou1

1Radiology, NorthShore University HealthSystem, Evanston, IL, United States; 2Northwestern University; 3Siemens Healthcare

Quiescent interval single shot (QISS) MRA uses an ECG-triggered, fat suppressed, 2D balanced SSFP sequence incorporating slice-selective saturation and a quiescent interval for maximal inflow enhancement. Following optimization at 1.5 Tesla, a pilot study was performed in patients with peripheral vascular disease (PVD) using contrast-enhanced MRA as the reference standard. The sensitivity, specificity, positive and negative predictive values of QISS for significant stenosis or occlusion were 92.2%, 94.9%, 83.9% and 97.7%. In conclusion, QISS provided robust depiction of normal peripheral arterial anatomy and PVD in less than 10 minutes without the need to tailor the technique for individual patients.