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Abstract #1396

Fresh Blood Imaging Versus Contrast Enhanced MRA with DSA as the Reference Standard

Rakesh K. Puni1, M J. Henderson1, Lowri Morus1, C Green1, Faiza Admiraa-Behloul2, S Roy-Choudhury1

1Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, United Kingdom; 2MR-BU, Toshiba Meidcal Systems Europe, Zoetermeer, Netherlands

With Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) receiving considerable attention, non-contrast enhanced (NCE) MRA appears to be a feasible alternative to contrast enhanced (CE) MRA. Fresh Blood Imaging (FBI) is a NCE technique that was introduced in late 90s by M Miyazaki and co-workers, and has gained popularity only very recently after the NSF-Gadolinium link has been reported in patients with impaired renal function. The purpose of this pilot study was to compare FBI technique to CE-MRA using DSA as the reference standard.