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Abstract #1408

Combined Renal and Peripheral MRA with a New Technique at 3.0 T

Philip Anthony Hodnett1, Ioannis Koktzoglou2, John Sheehan2,3, Amir Davarpanah3, Christopher Glielmi4, Robert Edelman2

1Radiology, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Northshore University Healthcare System; 3Northwestern University; 4Siemens Healthcare, MR Research and Develpoment, Chicago, IL

Introduction: The proliferation and increased use of 3.0 T MR Systems offers both potential advantages and difficulties in the implementation of unenhanced MRA techniques. Materials and Methods: To perform an initial feasibility study followed by technical optimization of quiescent interval single shot (QISS) magnetic resonance angiography for renal artery and lower extremity evaluation. The study was performed with IRB approval. Seven healthy volunteers underwent combined unenhanced Renal and Peripheral Lower Limb Angiography Conclusion: We report the feasibility of the QISS technique as a potential MRA technique for combined dual Renal and Lower extremity unenhanced MRA at 3.0 T