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Abstract #1412

Non-Contrast Enhanced Pulmonary Vein MRA with a Spatially Selective Inversion Preparation Sequence

Peng Hu1, Michael L. Chuang, Thomas H. Hauser, Kraig V. Kissinger, Beth Goddu, Lois A. Goepfert, Neil M. Rofsky2, Warren J. Manning, Reza Nezafat

1Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Bosto, MA, United States; 2Radiology, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

We propose a non-contrast-enhanced free-breathing ECG-gated gradient-echo sequence with a sagittal slab-selective inversion for pulmonary vein (PV) MRA. The inversion pulse was applied to suppress structures adjacent to the left atrium (LA) and PVs, thereby, improving the conspicuity of the PV/LA. The inversion slab thickness and inversion time were optimized on volunteers to be 60mm and 500ms, respectively. The proposed technique significantly increased the CNR between the LA/PV and adjacent structures by 4-20 fold with minimal loss of signal in LA/PV. The PV size measurements of the proposed technique correlated well with clinical contrast-enhanced MRA on 9 atrial fibrillation patients.