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Abstract #1417

Breathhold Inhance Inflow IR (BH-IFIR) with a Novel 3D Recessed Fan Beam View Ordering

Naoyuki Takei1, Manojkumar Saranathan2, Mitsuharu Miyoshi1, Tetsuji Tsukamoto1

1Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Hino, Tokyo, Japan; 2Applied Science Laboratory, GE Healthcare, Rochester, MN, United States

Respiratory-gated inflow related non-contrast MR Angiography with selective inversion pulse (inflow IR) has been used clinically in abdomen region. However the use of respiratory gating suffers from motion artifact caused by unstable breathing during scan in a patient. A novel 3D multi-segmented view ordering was proposed to resolve it with breathhold scan. The efficient view ordering allows long data acquisition window while keeping image contrast, resulting in scan time reduction due to decreased number of segments. The our initial study has investigated the possibility of breathhold scan and demonstrated that high contrast between artery and background tissues and uniform blood signal along with reduced scan time were achieved.