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Abstract #1419

High Resolution MR Flouroscopy

Parmede Vakil1, Hyun J. Jeong, Himanshu Bhat, Christopher Eddleman2, Tiomthy J. Carroll

1Radiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, United States; 2Northwestern Memorial Hospital

We present a novel 2D MRI pulse sequence for CE MRA with sliding window reconstruction and complex subtraction. Our pulse sequence produces a time-series of projection images through a thick volume. Time-series images have high spatial resolution (0.57 mm x 0.57 mm) capable of visualizing small arteries, small temporal foot print (~2 seconds/acquisition) and high frame rate (6 fps) making them useful for imaging hemodynamics of intracranial vascular pathologies such as AVMs or aneurysms. We are currently engaged in an ongoing study applying our sequence to AVM patients. Imaging results will be presented.