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Abstract #1455

Development of an Anatomical Accurate Porcine Head Model to Study Radiofrequency Heating Due to MRI

Devashish Shrivastava1, J Thomas Vaughan

1CMRR, Radiology, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, United States

An anatomically accurate porcine head model was developed. The model was developed to help validate the temperature predictions of bioheat equations against direct in vivo fluoroptic measurements and predict non-uniform brain RF heating in swine and humans wearing/not-wearing implantable, conductive medical devices for a variety of field strengths, coil configurations, and head loading positions. The head model was developed by obtaining high resolution images of a porcine head using a Siemens 3T Trio (1.02 mm X 1.02 mm X 1.00 mm, Sequence type: T1MPRAGE) and manually segmenting the brain, cerebral spinal fluid, bone, cartilage, muscle, and air-cavity using MIMICS.