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Abstract #1466

On Stability and Performance of Frequency-Offset Cartesian Feedback for RF Power Amplifiers of MRI Transmitter Arrays

Marta Gaia Zanchi1, Pascal Stang1, John Mark Pauly1, Greig Cameron Scott1

1Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Frequency Offset Cartesian feedback (FOCF) has been proposed to deal with the challenges associated with control of the RF transmission fields in arrays of coils. Critical milestones in the development of a FOCF system are to guarantee that stability existand can be found automaticallyup to the full rated power of the RF amplifier, and to measure the increased performance of the amplifier for several control variables. In this work, we present the hardware and simulation methods developed to characterize and study stability and performance of our system, as well as the results of these milestone tests.