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Abstract #1498

An 8+4-Channel Phased Array for Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Newborns and Premature Infants at 3T in an MR-Safe Incubator

Florian M. Meise1, Jrn Ewald1, Stefan Fischer2, Torsten Hertz1, Torsten Lnneker-Lammers3, Laura Maria Schreiber2

1LMT Medical Systems GmbH, Luebeck, Germany; 2Section of Medical Physics, Department of Diagnostical and Interventional Radiology, Mainz University Medical School, Mainz, Germany; 3LMT Lammers Medical Technology GmbH, Luebeck, Germany

MRI of newborns got growing attention over the past few years as it provides precise diagnostics without the use of ionizing radiation. Premature infants and newborns need optimum environmental conditions during the measurement procedure, (temperature and humidity). Since there is an MR-safe incubator available, imaging of the brain and thorax under optimum conditions is possible. Especially at high fields, SAR limits and movement artifacts from the patient can be challenging. Both issues can be dealt with by applying parallel imaging techniques. To Also to improve SNR with multi-element arrays, an 8+4-channel phased array implemented in an MR-safe incubator was designed.