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Abstract #1544

An Algorithm for Designing Passive Shim Sets Compensating for Anatomically Specific B0 Inhomogeneities

Zhipeng Cao1, Rahul Dewal1, Christopher T. Sica1, Chien-ping Kao1, Christopher M. Collins1, Qing X. Yang1

1PSU College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, United States

A novel synergetic shimming strategy is proposed for compensation of high order local B0 inhomogeneities in the human brain. This approach utilizes passive shimming to compensate for high order local field inhomogeneities and active shimming to compensate for the linear components. Computer simulation results demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method in reduction of local field inhomogeneities in the human head, suggesting a valuable shimming method for high field MRI in human and animal studies.