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Abstract #1553

MR Compatible Spirometer

Laure Rousselet1, Marina Filipovic1, Slavisa Jovanovic1,2, Gilles Bosser3, Cdric Pasquier4, Jacques Felblinger1

1IADI, Nancy-Universit, Nancy, France; 2U947, Inserm, Nancy, France; 3Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University Hospital of Nancy, Nancy, France; 4CIC801, INSERM, Nancy, France

MR compatible spirometer is needed for (i) monitoring of anaesthetized patient and (ii) sequence synchronization and/or image reconstruction to avoid motion artifacts. We present an MR compatible spirometer which aims at measuring patients air flow and lung volume in order to extract motion information. The proposed sensor could be connected to the respirator in order to monitor patients during MRI examination. Spirometer is well correlated to internal displacement extracted from the images series, although a time delay appears due to the external position of the sensor.