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Abstract #1565

Can AxCaliber Be Extended to Estimate Axonal Radius and Orientation at the Same Time?

Jaime E. Cisternas1

1Engineering and Applied Sciences, Universidad de los Andes, Santiago, RM, Chile

Diffusion tensor MRI provides biomarkers that have been shown to indicate microstructural features in the brain and other organs. These biomarkers, even though contain information about development, ageing and disease progression, lack specificity and don't give direct measures of axon density and radius. Several approaches, within the framework of diffusion weighted MR, have been proposed to extract radii, assuming previous knowledge of the orientation of the axons. In this work we extend AxCaliber, to measure axon diameter distribution along multiple orientations, and use numerical simulations to evaluate the capacity of the model to estimate radius and orientation reliably under the presence of noise.