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Abstract #1603

Optimal HARDI Acquisition Schemes for Multi-Tensor Models

Benoit Scherrer1, Simon K. Warfield2

1Department of Radiology, Computational Radiology Laboratory , Boston, MA, United States; 2Department of Radiology, Computational Radiology Laboratory, Boston, MA, United States

We show that multi-tensor models cannot be properly estimated with a single-shell HARDI acquisition because the fitting procedure admits a infinite number of solutions, melding the estimated tensors eigenvalues and the partial volume fractions. As a result, a uniform fiber bundle across its entire length may appear to grow and shrink as it passes through voxels and experiences different partial volume effects. Only the use of multiple-shell HARDI acquisitions allows the system of equations to be better determined. We provide numerical experiments to explore the optimal acquisition scheme for multi-tensor imaging.