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Abstract #1628

Rapid Automated QA for Diffusion MRI

Adriaan L. Moerland1, Elizabeth A. Moore2

1Advanced Development, Philips Healthcare BV, Best, Netherlands; 2MR Clinical Science, Philips Healthcare BV, Best, Netherlands

Diffusion MRI is increasingly important in clinical radiology, however the technique is very sensitive to system defects in the gradient chain. A new method has been developed for easy QA in diffusion MRI. The acquisition is 3 fast DTI scans on a spherical aqueous phantom, taking less than 3 minutes. Analysis is fully automated and derives measures of deformation of the circular phantom image as well as apparent diffusion coefficient ADC and fractional anisotropy FA values. Two of the deformation measures were found to be highly sensitive to gradient defects such as eddy current (mis)calibration.