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Abstract #1631

On the Accuracy of Diffusion Models for Fast Low-Angle Short-TR SSFP-Echo (FLASH-DW SSFP)

Oliver Bieri1, Carl Ganter2, Klaus Scheffler1

1Radiological Physics, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland; 2Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Technical University Munich, Munich, Germany

Several models have been developed for the description of diffusion in steady-state free precession (SSFP) sequences. For clinical practice, high SNR and short acquisition times are desirable with DW-SSFP. In this work, a new approach for quantitative diffusion imaging is proposed using a fast low-angle short-TR (FLASH) diffusion-weighted (DW) SSFP sequence. The accuracy of diffusion models is assed in-vitro and the feasibility of high resolution quantitative diffusion mapping is demonstrated in-vivo for human articular cartilage.