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Abstract #1858

A Method to Eliminate Motion-Related Ghosting Artifacts from Images of Active Devices During Parallel Imaging

Ashvin Kurian George1, Christina E. Saikus1, Ozgur Kocaturk1, Robert J. Lederman1, Anthony Z. Faranesh1

1National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, United States

We present a method to remove the ghosting artifact from images formed from under-sampled active device data such as in multi-slice, parallel imaging systems for MR-guided interventions. Ghosting is caused by discontinuities in Fourier space along the phase-encoding direction. The method works by first forming an image from temporally-local, under-sampled Fourier data. This image contains periodically repeated copies in the phase-encoding direction. The non-ghost period of each column is determined by using the view-shared image and exploiting the correlation of the active device image across columns.