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Abstract #1881

Magnetic Resonance Molecular Imaging of Bone Resorbing Osteoclasts

Ingrid E. Chesnick1, Carol B. Fowler1, Jeffrey T. Mason1, Kimberlee Potter1

1Department of Biophysics, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Annex, Rockville, MD, United States

The ability to detect osteoclasts on the surface of bone will allow for the development of more sensitive screening tools for monitoring changes in bone metabolism, specifically bone resorption, in response to therapeutic interventions. In this work, we demonstrate the sensitivity of v3-targeted Gd-liposomes to detect low numbers of active osteoclasts in the presence of a mixed population of bone marrow derived cells. Additionally, we present a novel bisphosphonate MR constrast agent for selectively imaging the mineral not subjected to resoption by active osteoclasts. Our approach promises to transform in vivo bone resorption studies.