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Abstract #1892

In Vivo Detection of the Metabolism of Novel Hypoxia Probes in Models of Glioma by 1H NMR

Jesus Pacheco-Torres1,2, Rocio Prez-Carro1, Paloma Ballesteros2, Pilar Lopez-Larrubia1, Sebastian Cerdan1

1Instituto de Investigaciones Biomdicas "Alberto Sols" - CSIC, Madrid, Spain; 2Laboratory of Organic Synthesis and Molecular Imaging, UNED, Madrid, Spain

We propose a novel protocol to evaluate tumor hypoxia in vivo by monitoring the reduction of intratumoral nitromidazolil probes using PRESS spectroscopy. We injected C6 tumors implanted in the flank of nude mice with a solution containing a mixture of the oxygen sensitive probe misonidazole and TSP, an oxygen insensitive probe. It is shown that the rate of disappearance of injected misonidazole depended on the intratumoral local oxygen tension in vivo, as modified by air or oxygen breathing. In contrast, the rate of disappearance of the TSP reference remained independent of the same changes in local oxygen tension.