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Abstract #1901

Enhancing the Relaxivity of Gd-Based Liposomes and Micelles by Restricting the Local Motions

Mauro Botta1, Filip Kielar1, Lorenzo Tei1, Enzo Terreno2

1Environmental and Life Sciences, Universita' del Piemonte Orientale, Alessandria, Italy; 2Center for Molecular Imaging, Department of Chemistry IFM, University of Turin, Turin, Italy

A novel GdDOTA derivative was prepared featuring two adjacent glutamic acid moieties. Reaction with dodecyl amine yields an amphiphilic complex that maintains the favorable properties of the parent complex in terms of stability, relaxivity and water exchange rate. The self-assembling process in aqueous solution results in micelles and liposomes of enhanced relaxivity (+ 140 % at 0.47 T; + 100 % at 1.5 T) over that of corresponding single-chain systems that is explained in terms of a strong limitation of the local rotation about the hydrophobic chains.