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Abstract #1985

neuGRID: A GRID-Based E-Infratructure for Data Archiving, Communication and Computationally Intensive Applications in the Medical Sciences

Keith S. Cover1, Frederik Barkhof1, Alex Zijdenbos2, Christian Spenger2, Richard McClatchey3, David Manset4, Lars-Olof Wahlund5, Yannick Legre6, Tony Solomonides6, Giovanni B. Frisoni7

1VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 2Prodema Medical; 3University of the West of England; 4MAAT G Knowledge SL; 5Karolinska Institutet; 6HealthGrid; 7Fatebenefratelli

neuGRID is developing a new user-friendly Grid-based research e-Infrastructure enabling the European neuroscience community to carry out computer intensive research required for the pressing study of degenerative brain diseases (for example, the Alzheimer disease). In neuGRID, the archiving of large amounts of imaging data is paired with hundreds of CPUs and a variety of software packages. Neuroscientists will be able to identify neurodegenerative disease markers through the analysis of 3D magnetic resonance brain images via the provision of sets of distributed medical and GRID services. The infrastructure is designed to be expandable to services for other medical applications and is compliant with EU and international standards regarding data collection, data management, and Grid construction.