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Abstract #2022

Prenatal MR Imaging of Focal Cortical Gyration Anomalies at Early Stage of Development

Andrea Righini1, Cecilia Parazzini1, Chiara Doneda1, Laura Avagliano2, Filippo Arrigoni1, Mariangela Rustico1, Gaetano Bulfamante2, Fabio Triulzi1

1Radiology and Neuroradiology, Children's Hospital V. Buzzi, Milan, Italy, Italy; 2Pathology, San Paolo Hospital, Milan, Italy, Italy

We report the MRI patterns of focal cortical gyration anomalies, as they appear at a very early stage of the sulcation process (when fetal brain is almost lyssencephalic). 22 cases (gestational age between 21 and 24 weeks) showed focal gyration anomalies, which could be divided in four basic patterns of cortical rim distortion: wart-like, saw-tooth, major aberrant invaginating sulucs/i, single or multiple bumps. Most of these cases presented similarities to the rat model of experimentally induced polymicrogyria. The present cohort shows how focal cortical gyration anomalies can be detected even at very early sulcation process stage