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Abstract #2059

DTI Evaluation of Language Tracts in Autistic Patients with and Without Language Impairment Compared to Typically Developing Children

Lidia M. Nagae1, John Dell1, Robert A. Zimmerman1, Timothy P.L. Roberts1

1Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA, United States

The superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF), related to language, was evaluated using diffusion tensor imaging in autistic patients, in particular in a specific group of autistics patients with language impairment (ASD/+LI), compared to autistic patients without language impairment (ASD/-LI), and typically developing children and adolescents (TD). Mean diffusivity, along with axial diffusivity were found to be increased in ASD/+LI when compared to TD. Intermediate values were obtained in ASD/-LI. These findings might reflect reported microstructural abnormalities of the brain, thought to be related to immature white matter development.