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Abstract #2084

Correlation of Clinical Parameters and DTI Imaging Features in Multiple Sclerosis

Carli Jessica Lehr1, Mustafa Okan Irfanoglu1, Firdaus Janoos, Steffen Sammet1, Michael V. Knopp2

1Department of Radiology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, United States; 2Department of Radiology, OSU, Columbus, OH, United States

Diffusion Tensor Imaging plays an important role in the quantitative analysis of Multiple Sclerosis lesions. This study investigates the correlation between clinical parameters and DTI imaging features such as FA, ADC, lesion volumes, and tract connectivity. DTI derived features provide better correlations to clinical scores than conventional MRI-based characteristics. The strongest correlations were found when all DTI imaging features were analyzed together against clinical data values. This illustrates the usefulness of comprehensive DTI imaging features in analyzing clinical deficits in Multiple Sclerosis.