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Abstract #2167

Pseudo-Tumoral Response of Glioblastoma to Anti-Angiogenic Treatment Prematurely Revealed by Using Arterial Spin-Labeling (ASL) Perfusion MRI and Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI).

Slim Fellah1, Yann Lefur1, Elisabeth Soulier1, Cline Boucard2, Sylviane Confort-Gouny1, Olivier Chinot2, Patrick J. Cozzone1, Jean-Philippe Ranjeva1, Virginie Callot1

1Centre de Rsonance Magntique Biologique et Mdicale (CRMBM), CNRS UMR 6612, Facult de Mdecine, Marseille, France; 2Unit de Neuro-Oncologie, CHU Timone, Marseille, France

Anti-angiogenics have become part of Glioblastoma therapeutic protocol. However pseudo-response followed by a critical recurrence may be observed. Non-responders thus need to be prematurely identified. However current imaging criteria are insufficient or late, new MR markers should therefore be investigated. In this preliminary study, we used a multimodal protocol including particularly ASL and SWI, which provide vascular information. A few weeks after the beginning of the treatment, FLAIR and post-contrast T1-WI showed partial response whereas perfusion MRI and SWI demonstrated hyperperfusion and vascularization increase. The parameters derived from such sequences should thus be considered as early indicators of tumor evolution.