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Abstract #2212

Repeatability of Measured Lactate and Other Metabolites in Patients with Astrocytoma

Mary McLean1, Amy Sun2, Radha Railkar2, Andrea Schaeffer2, Thomas Bradstreet2, Haiying Liu2, Rose-ann Blenman-Abange2, Ilse Joubert3, Stephen Price3, Charlotte Hodgkin3, John Griffiths1

1Cambridge Research Institute, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge, England, United Kingdom; 2Merck & Co Inc, West Point, PA, United States; 3Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, United Kingdom

We implemented lactate editing at 3T using BASING pulses and assessed its repeatability in phantoms and in human brain tumours in vivo to estimate the level of lactate and other metabolites . In phantoms, a coefficient of variation of 11% was achieved for lactate with SNR similar to in vivo. In tumours, lactate was detected, and there was a non-significant trend of lower metabolite concentrations in scan 2 than scan 1. Lactate editing may provide a useful means of simultaneously monitoring lactate, choline and lipids in vivo, all of which are of interest in tumour progression and response to treatment.