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Abstract #2257

Comparative Study of 3.0- And 1.5-T MR in the Follow-Up of Moyamoya Disease

Qianna Jin1, Tomoyuki Noguchi1, Hiroyuki Irie1, Masashi Nishihara1, Tetsuyoshi Hirai1, Masatou Kawashima2, Toshio Matsushima2, Sho Kudo1

1Radiology, Saga University Hospital, Saga, Japan; 2Neurosurgery, Saga University Hospital, Saga, Japan

To retrospectively compare 3.0- and 1.5-T magnetic resonance (MR) findings in patients with moyamoya disease (MMD), and assess the relationship and difference between those two modalities in the follow-up of MMD. 60 (120 sides) MMD patients (15 male and 45 female patients, age range: 5 to 60 years, post/pre-operative patients: 44/ 16) were included. We got different upgrading rate among one-year interval follow-up with 1.5- and 3.0-T MR in different orders. Regardless of disease progressing, we should be careful about 1.5-T MR in evaluating steno-occlusive severity of intracranial vessels in MMD for its higher overestimating rate compared with 3.0-T MR.