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Abstract #2281

Role of Resting State Functional Connectivity Mri in Presurgical Investigation of Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

Gaelle Bettus1,2, Fabrice Bartolomei2, Sylviane Confort-Gouny1, Eric Guedj1, Patrick Chauvel2, Patrick Cozzone1, Jean-Philippe Ranjeva1, Maxime Guye1

1CNRS UMR6612 CRMBM-CEMEREM, Marseille, France; 2INSERM U751 Epilepsie et Cognition, Marseille, France

We aimed at determining the ability of resting-state functional connectivity MRI (fcMRI) to lateralize/localize the epileptogenic zone in mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE) at the individual level. Basal functional connectivity (BFC) was evaluated in 22 MTLE patients compared to 36 controls using a single shot GE-EPI sequence at rest. In patients, BFC was characterized by bilateral decreases predominant in the epileptic side, and unilateral increases almost exclusively observed in the contralateral (non-epileptic) side. We suggest that fcMRI is a useful technique that could be added to the presurgical assessment of drug-resistant partial epilepsies.