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Abstract #2288

Adaptive Changes in Response Inhibition BOLD Responses Following Antidepressant Treatment

Darragh Downey1, Karen Elizabeth Davies1, Shane McKie2, Gabriella Juhasz2, Ian Muir Anderson2, John Francis William Deakin2, Stephen Ross Williams1

1Imaging Science and Biomedical Engineering, University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom; 2Neuroscience and Psychiatry Unit, University of Manchester, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom

We investigated adaptive changes in 5-HT signalling following sub-chronic antidepressant treatment in healthy controls performing a response inhibition paradigm. 24 healthy volunteers were provided with 20mg citalopram or placebo for 11 days and tested with a behavioural inhibition task after 14 days following a 3 day drug washout. Citalopram pre-treatment compared to placebo was associated with a reduced response bilaterally in the inferior frontal gyrus and BOLD increases in the right middle frontal gyrus, mid cingulate, precuneus and posterior cingulate when inhibiting responses. These findings suggest that chronic antidepressant treatment modifies 5-HT pathways involved in cognitive flexibility and inhibitory control.