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Abstract #2409

Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging of the Middle Ear Ossicle: A Pilot Study

Koji Yamashita1, Takashi Yoshiura1, Akio Hiwatashi1, Hironori Kamano1, Yukihisa Takayama1, Eiki Nagao1, Hiroshi Honda1

1Radiology, Kyushu university, Fukuoka, Japan

Our purpose was to assess the feasibility of ultrashort echo-time (uTE) imaging for visualization of middle ear ossicles in normal subjects. Twelve volunteers with normal hearing levels were scanned at a 3.0T clinical unit using a dual-echo uTE sequence at TE1/TE2 = 0.14 ms/1.8 ms. In all subjects, the middle ear ossicles were clearly visualized as a high signal intensity spot on short TE images bilaterally, while they were not visible in long TE images in any of the subjects. To our knowledge, this is the first report of MR visualization of middle ear ossicles.