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Abstract #2610

A Software Phantom Generator System for Quality Control (QA) of MRI Iron Overload Assessment Software

Bahman Kasmai1, Paul Napier Malcolm1, Andoni Paul Toms1, Andrew Brian Gill2

1Radiology, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust, Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom; 2Radiology, Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

The aim of this work was to develop a software tool for validation, evaluation and integrity checks of in-house and commercial MRI iron overload systems. A windows-based software application, called SOFGEN, written in C# and based on Microsoft .NET framework generates a sets of fully Dicom compliant images from a set of user supplied parameters and decay model, for testing of Dicom compliant MRI T2(*) assessment software. The SOFGEN generated phantoms were successfully used to evaluate a number of in-house developed T2(*) assessment software and is available free via email request to authors.