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Abstract #2719

Comparison of Diffusion and DCE-MRI as Markers for Response to Therapy in HCC Patients

Edward Andrew Ashton1, Renuka Iyer2

1R&D, VirtualScopics, Inc., Rochester, NY, United States; 2Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Center, Buffalo, NY, United States

This study assessed ADC measurement as a marker for response in oncology trials. An evaluation of variability in ADC in liver tissue was carried out using twelve volunteers. Results showed that ADC can be measured in liver with CoV < 10%. Subsequently, ADC changes from baseline were measured in HCC patients after therapy with an anti-angiogenic agent and/or chemoembolization. Ktrans measurements were also obtained for these patients using DCE- MRI, which is known to be a good marker for changes associated with these therapies. Results show that changes in Ktrans are highly correlated with changes ADC.