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Abstract #2732

Assessment of Tumor Hypoxia with DCE-MRI: A Preclinical Study on Human Melanoma Tumor Lines

Tormod Andr Mjelde Egeland1, Jon-Vidar Gaustad1, Berit S. Mathiesen1, Einar Kre Rofstad1

1Department of Radiation Biology, The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Oslo, Norway

Purpose: To study the potential usefulness of DCE-MRI for assessing the extent of tumor hypoxia. Methods: Gd-DTPA-based DCE-MRI was performed on human melanoma xenografts from 8 different tumor lines grown orthotopically in mice. ve and Ktrans from Tofts model were obtained on a voxel-by-voxel-basis, and compared with the radiobiologically hypoxic fraction (HFrad). Results: A strong linear correlation between ve and HFrad (p<0.002 for all quartiles) and a non-linear relationship between Ktrans and HFrad was found. Conclusions: This study suggests that it may be possible to obtain information on tumor oxygenation in patients from DCE-MRI studies.