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Abstract #2778

MRI Characterisation of a Novel Transgenic Mouse Model of Neuroblastoma

Yann Jamin1, Elizabeth Ruth Cullis2, Lynsey Vaughan2, Dow-Mu Koh1, Louis Chesler2, Simon P. Robinson1

1Cancer Research UK and EPSRC Cancer Imaging Center, The Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden NHS Trust, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom; 2Section of Paediatric Oncology, The Institute of Cancer Research, Sutton, Surrey, United Kingdom

This study characterises the novel transgenic murine TH-MYCN model of highrisk human neuroblastoma, the most common extracranial childhood solid tumour, with MRI, especially the anatomical presentation, the longitudinal development of the tumour in situ, and its established response to the chemotherapeutic agent cyclophosphamide in vivo. In addition, quantitative MRI parameters, and interrogation of the tumour vasculature by DCE-MRI, are also reported. We demonstrate that MRI screening would be a crucial asset in the development of novel MYCN-targeted therapeutics for neuroblastoma and would accelerate their clinical development by allowing simultaneous evaluation of preclinical MRI biomarkers of treatment response.