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Abstract #2807

Short Echo Time in Vivo Prostate MRSI

Niranjan Venugopal1, Boyd McCurdy2, Darrel Drachenberg3, Salem Al Mehari3, Aziz Alamri3, Gurudarshan Sandhu3, Sri Sivalingam3, Lawrence Ryner4

1Physics and Astronomy, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 2Medical Physics, CancerCare Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 3Urology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, Canada; 4National Research Council Institute for Biodiagnostics, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

We present a robust method improve the quality of in vivo prostate MRSI data acquisition by utilizing an optimized conformal voxel technique coupled with a spatial-spectral excitation PRESS pulse sequence for short echo time acquisitions.The PRESS pulse sequence was modified to include the optimized conformal voxel MR spectroscopic imaging technique (CV-MRS). In vivo implementation of this optimized MRSI technique confirms the reduction in peripheral lipid contamination, and improved the quality of spectra throughout the prostate. In summary we have demonstrated the utility of short TE in vivo prostate MRSI acquisitions, which provides significant signal increase and reveal short TE metabolites to potentially improve prostate cancer detection.