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Abstract #2829

B1 Mapping with Whole Brain Coverage in Less Than One Minute

Steffen Volz1, Ulrike Nth1, Ralf Deichmann1

1Brain Imaging Center (BIC), Goethe University Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

There is great demand for fast B1 mapping techniques, e.g. for correction of quantitative T1 maps. However, most methods suffer from long experiment durations. The technique presented here is based on magnetization prepared FLASH imaging with specially designed preparation and excitation pulses to allow for multislice imaging, speeding up the acquisition. Systematic errors due to relaxation effects are avoided by intensity correction of individual k-space lines. The method allows for fast B1 mapping with whole brain coverage, an in-plane resolution of 4 mm, a slice thickness of 3 mm, and an accuracy of 2% within 46 s.