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Abstract #2839

Simulation and Comparison of B1+ Mapping Methods at 3T

Christopher Thomas Sica1, Zhipeng Cao1, Sukhoon Oh1, Christopher M. Collins1

1Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA, United States

RF inhomogeneity greatly affects the quality of MR imaging at high field strength, and compensation methods typically require accurate B1+ maps for optimum performance. Comparison of B1+ mapping methods based on experimental results alone is limited by lack of knowledge of the true B1+ field distribution. MRI simulation allows for comparison of the true, input B1+ field distribution with a simulated map. This study simulates AFI and a flip angle series method at 3T, utilizing MRI and electromagnetic field simulations. The simulation maps correspond closely to the input B1+ and one another. Experimental maps deviate significantly from one another.