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Abstract #2845

Flow, Chemical Shift, and Phase-Based B1 Mapping

W Thomas Dixon1, Laura Sacolick2, Florian Wiesinger2, Mika Vogel2, Ileana Hancu1

1GE Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, United States; 2GE Global Research Center, Munich, Germany

B1 maps help scan set up and then aid in extracting quantitative results. Maps can be made by comparing either amplitudes or phases of two different images. Phase methods, with no waiting for T1, are fast. Phase avoids T1 issues but what about phase effects from flow and the chemical shift of fat? With a Bloch-Siegert, phase-based method, steady 0.5 m/s flow shifts phase 120o but leaves calculated B1 unchanged. Similarly, oil and water indicate the same B1 regardless of the fat-water phase difference. These results portend robust, phase-based B1 maps.