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Abstract #2903

Quantification of Fatty Acid Compositions Using MR-Imaging and Spectroscopy at 3 T

Pernilla Peterson1, Hkan Brorson2, Sven Mnsson1

1Medical Radiation Physics, Lund University, Malm, Sweden; 2Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Lund University, Malm, Sweden

This phantom study aims at investigating the potential of multi-echo imaging and spectroscopy to quantify the fraction unsaturated fatty acids (UF) and compare the results against known values. Six oil phantoms (UFs: 8%-92%) were measured in a 3T Siemens scanner with PRESS-localized spectroscopy and multi gradient echo sequences. Two fat resonances were separated from the acquired spectra using jMRUI and from multi-echo images using a linear least-squares approach. Both methods successfully quantified UFs with slopes/intercepts 0.886/3.80% and 0.956/11.3% for imaging and spectroscopy, respectively. This experiment successfully demonstrates the ability of multi-echo imaging and spectroscopy to evaluate fatty acid compositions.