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Abstract #2940

Geometrically Accurate Positive Contrast of Field Disturbances Using RAdial Sampling with Off-Resonance Reconstruction (RASOR).

Hendrik de Leeuw1, Peter R. Seevinck1, Clemens Bos2, Gerrit H. van de Maat1, Chris J.G. Bakker1

1Image Sciences Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands; 2Philips healthcare

With the advent of short-TE acquisitions, such as UTE and SWIFT, center out radial acquisition schemes to fill k-space are gaining interest. Although these short TE acquisitions minimize signal dephasing, they still suffer from field inhomogeneities in terms of geometric distortion. Still geometrically accurate depiction and localization of local field disturbers can be achieved by a 3D center-out radial acquisition by using off-resonance acquisition or reconstruction (RASOR). The advantage of RASOR reconstruction is a more precise determination of shape and location of the field disturbance, while retaining the original image.