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Abstract #2953

The Influence of Finite Long Pulse Correction on DESPOT2

Hendrikus Joseph Alphons Crooijmans1, Klaus Scheffler1, Oliver Bieri1

1Division of Radiological Physics, Department of Medical Radiology, University of Basel Hospital, Basel, Switzerland

The DESPOT2 theory is based on the assumption of instantaneous RF pulses. However, this is a pure theoretical assumption and it can never be met in practice, only approached with short pulse durations. Explicitly in cases where MT effect reduction is desired, long RF pulses are applied and the assumption is not met leading to deviation of calculated T2 from true T2 values. The implementation of a correction for finite pulse effects in the DESPOT2 theory makes the method independent of RF pulse duration and marginal deviations of around 1% of the true T2 are obtained for the calculated T2.