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Abstract #2956

Evaluation of a Fast T2 Mapping Method in the Brain

Julien Sngas1, Stefanie Remmele1, Wei Liu2

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany; 2Philips Research North America, Briarcliff, NY, United States

T2 measurements provide important information about the mobility and chemical environment of water in the tissue of interest. The most frequent method for accurate T2 quantification uses multi-echo spin-echo (MESE incorporating multiple refocusing pulses in each repetition time following the CPMG sequence. To cover a wide range of T2 values, the number of spin echoes and corresponding RF pulses needs to be relatively large, resulting in increased TR, long scan durations, and a high SAR. Recently, a fast T2 mapping method, reducing the total number of phase encoding steps of a MESE sequence without sacrificing spatial resolution nor the dynamic range of T2 values, was proposed and evaluated in simulations and pre-clinical experiments. In this work, the accuracy of this acceleration technique for T2 mapping in the human brain was assessed in a larger group of volunteers.