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Abstract #3055

Flow Compensation in Frequency-Encode Direction for the Fast Spin Echo Triple-Echo Dixon (FTED) Sequence

Kaining Shi1,2, Russell Low3, Shanglian Bao1, Jingfei Ma2

1Beijing City Key Lab of Medical Physics and Engineering, Beijing University, Beijing, China; 2Imaging Physics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, United States; 3Sharp and Children's MRI Center, San Diego, CA, United States

The triple echo readout in the FTED sequence presents a challenge to achieve flow-compensation along the frequency-encode direction. In this work, two flow-compensation methods were proposed. In the first method, gradient moments are nulled at every RF locations so that the CPMG condition is always maintained. In the second method, the spin echo component of the signal is nulled at the 1st and 3rd echo locations and the stimulated component is minimized at different echo locations. The effectiveness of both methods in reducing the flow-induced artifacts was examined with a numerical calculation and demonstrated in a phantom testing.