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Abstract #3058

MOtion Correction Using Coil Arrays (MOCCA)

Peng Hu1, Mehdi H. Moghari1, Beth Goddu1, Lois A. Goepfert1, Thomas H. Hauser1, Warren J. Manning1, Reza Nezafat1

1Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, United States

We present a novel motion correction method using coil arrays (MOCCA). In MOCCA, the elements of a coil array are used as individual motion sensors which detect the motion-induced signal variations that are modulated by coil sensitivity maps. The inclusion of multiple coils by stacking multi-coil data into a column vector increased the accuracy of motion detection compared to existing methods based on projections. We evaluate the accuracy of MOCCA in a phantom and demonstrated the application of MOCCA on healthy volunteers for bulk motion correction in brain imaging and for respiratory and cardiac self-gating in cardiac cine imaging.