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Abstract #3086

Evaluation of MR Image Artifacts of Stent Implants at 3 Tesla Using a Phantom Filled with Mineral Oil Compared to CuSO4

A Koenig1,2, Frank Reintke2, Gerrit Schnwald, 2,3, Gregor Schaefers2

1University of applied Science Gelsenkirchen, Gelsenkirchen, NRW, Germany; 2MR Safety Testing Laboratory, MR:comp GmbH, Gelsenkirchen, Germany; 3University Witten/Herdecke

The ASTM-Standard F2119-07 is used to evaluate artifacts of implants. According to the test method a phantom with CuSO4 is used. By replacing the solution by mineral oil it is desired to avoid standing waves in images. We tested both fluids in two sequences (SE/GRE) with 2 test devices, a Nitinol stent and an acryl reference tube. We compared a visual, a statistically and a manual analysis. We noticed non-significant results with one exception. Under certain conditions the standard CuSO4 can be exchanged with mineral oil allowing better and precise artifact analysis at higher field strengths 3 T.