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Abstract #3115

Advanced Images Algebra (ADIMA): A Novel Method for Lesion Heterogeneity Enhancement in Multiple Sclerosis

Marios C. Yiannakas1, Daniel J. Tozer1, Klaus Schmierer1, Declan T. Chard1, Valerie M. Anderson1, David H. Miller1, Claudia A.M Wheeler-Kingshott1

1UCL - Institute of Neurology, London, United Kingdom

Multiple Sclerosis lesions are known to be pathologically heterogeneous but this is not well depicted on conventional MRI. In this work a new MR analysis method is presented which utilises conventional FSE dual echo data sets with the use of advanced images algebra (ADIMA). The method is an extension to a previously described technique and involves image subtraction and normalisation in order to enhance the dynamic range in the image with a consequent enhancement of lesional heterogeneity in MS lesions. The method is shown to permit classification of T2 hyper-intense lesions into bright and dark regions in a reproducible way.