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Abstract #3123

Segmentation and Volume Estimation on a Sub-Voxel Basis Using Quantitative MR: A Validation Study

1Department of Medical and Health Sciences, Division of Radiation Physics, Linkping, stergtland, Sweden; 2Center for Medical Imaging Science and Visualization, Linkping, stergtland, Sweden; 3Department of Medicine and Health, Division of Clinical Physiology, Linkping, stergtland, Sweden

Using an MR quantification sequence; specific brain-tissues typically exhibit a narrow range of R1, R2 and PD values, and thus the tissues in the brain can be identified as clusters in the three dimensional R1-R2-PD space. In partial volume voxels (voxels containing two or more tissue types) the R1-R2-PD values are a combination of the values from the contributing tissues. By using a partial volume model a segmentation method to assess fractional brain-tissue volumes of white matter (WM), grey matter (GM) and CSF for the complete brain on a sub-voxel basis was created and validated on 7 normal subjects.