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Abstract #3135

Combining Variational and Model Based Techniques to Register MR Finger Images and PET Hand Data

Derek Magee1, Steven Frederick Tanner2, Michael Waller3, Ai-Lyn Tan4, Dennis McGonagle4, Alan Jeavons3

1School of Computing, University of Leeds, Leeds, W-Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 2Division of Medical Physics, University of Leeds, Leeds, W-Yorkshire, United Kingdom; 3Medical Physics, St James University Hospital, Leeds, United Kingdom; 4Academic Section of Musculoskelatal Disease, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds, W-Yorkshire, United Kingdom

A non-rigid image registration method for co-registering high-resolution PET data and MR images of the hand is described and evaluated. Employing this protocol to register synthetic data indicated a the mean registration error of less than approximately 1.5 mm. Measurements made in images acquired from patients with osteoarthritis show that the registration errors are consistent with those made in the study using synthetic data.