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Abstract #3165

T1rho MRI of Menisci and Cartilage in Mild Osteoarthritis Patients at 3T

Ligong Wang1, Gregory Chang1, Michael Recht1, Ravinder R. Regatte1

1NYU Langone Medical Center, New York, NY, United States

The purpose of this study was to assess T1rho values of cartilage and menisci in patients with mild osteoarthritis (OA) at 3T. Mild OA patients (K-L Score=2, n=15) were scanned. There are significant differences in T1rho relaxation times between femoral-tibial cartilage and the meniscus (anterior, central, and posterior) in both lateral and medial compartments (P < 0.001). T1rho relaxation time of the central meniscus was also increased in the medial compared to lateral compartment (P = 0.033). These data could serve as useful reference standards in future studies and suggest that T1rho MRI might provide useful information about meniscal involvement in OA pathogenesis.