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Abstract #3186

Global and Regional Deformation of the Knee Cartilage After Kneeling and Squatting Analysis of Size, Distribution and Pattern with HR-MRI at 3T

Annie Horng1, Jos Raya1, Monika Zscharn1, Ulrike Hoehne-Hckstdt2, Ingo Hermanns2, Ulrich Glitsch2, Rolf Ellegast2, Maximilian F. Reiser1, Christian Glaser1

1Department of Clinical Radiology, University Hospitals LMU Munich Campus Grosshadern, Munich, Bavaria, Germany; 2Fachbereich 4, BGIA Institut fr Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung, Sankt Augustin, Germany

Cartilage strain is discussed as potential cause for degeneration and osteoarthritis. Dimension of global/regional cartilage deformation and its distribution in knee cartilage after kneeling/squatting were evaluated. Detected small global cartilage deformation laid within the magnitude of change after common daily exercise/sports, consistent with biomechanical examinations. 3D-volumetry enable anatomy- and individuum-specific analysis by detailed depiction of regional deformation, while global parameters tend to average out local changes leading to underestimation of changes. Data indicate areas of deformation across the joint surface and might serve as a base for comparison to degenerative changes in patients and for the development of biomechanical models.